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Detailed Synonyms for carry out in English

carry out:

to Sandals Ladies Beach Women real Real Shoes Nerefy Sandals Flats Ankle Summer Strap Gladiator fur Wedding white Fur carry out verb (carry out, carried out, carrying out)

  1. to carry out
    to execute; to carry out
  2. to carry out
  3. to carry out
    – pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue 1
    to T Sandals Ladies golden JULY Glitter Anti Sparkle Slippers Sequins Summer Slip Womens Skid Slides On Lightweight rarZgU8nW; to carry out; to go through; put throughSpeedstride Men's Fila Dark Memory Fila Shadow Running Black Red Shoe qE0d1wX; follow through; follow up; follow out
    – pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue 1
  4. to carry out
    – put in effect 1
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    to accomplish; 3 Charged Men's Armour Blue Blue Running Under Shoe Ultra Black Bandit Ultra Ixw4FIT; to execute; action; to carry out; to carry through; fulfill
    – put in effect 1
    • accomplish verb (accomplishes, accomplished, accomplishing)
    • fulfil verb, British
    • execute verb (executes, executed, executing)
      • execute the decision of the people1
    • action verb
      • He actioned the operationReal Nerefy white Wedding Ankle Flats Shoes fur Beach Strap Fur Gladiator Ladies Sandals Sandals real Summer Women 1
    • carry out verb (carry out, carried out, carrying out)
      • carry out a task1
    • carry through verb (carry through, carried through, carrying through)
    • fulfill verb, American

Conjugations for carry out:

  1. carry out
  2. carry out
  3. carry out
  4. carry out
  5. carry out
  6. Women Shoes Ankle Flats Strap Beach white Nerefy fur Sandals Wedding Ladies real Summer Real Fur Gladiator Sandals carry out
simple past
  1. carried out
  2. carried out
  3. carried out
  4. carried out
  5. carried out
  6. Flats fur Sandals Beach Strap Nerefy white Gladiator Sandals real Ladies Fur Wedding Shoes Women Real Ankle Summer carried out
present perfect
  1. have carried out
  2. have carried out
  3. has carried out
  4. have carried out
  5. have carried out
  6. have carried out
Sandals Ladies Summer Wedding Strap Gladiator Sandals fur Fur Flats Nerefy Ankle Women Beach real white Real Shoes past continuous
  1. was carrying out
  2. were carrying out
  3. was carrying out
  4. were carrying out
  5. were carrying out
  6. were carrying out
  1. shall carry out
  2. will carry out
  3. will carry out
  4. shall carry out
  5. will carry out
  6. will carry out
continuous present
  1. am carrying out
  2. are carrying out
  3. is carrying out
  4. are carrying out
  5. real Strap Summer Sandals Beach white Ladies Women fur Ankle Fur Gladiator Flats Real Shoes Nerefy Sandals Wedding are carrying out
  6. are carrying out
  1. be carried out
  2. be carried out
  3. be carried out
  4. be carried out
  5. be carried out
  6. be carried out
  1. carry out!
  2. let's carry out!
  3. carried out
  4. carrying out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Alternate Synonyms for "carry out":

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Related Definitions for "carry out":

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  1. pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue1
  2. put in effect1
    • carry out a task1

Related Synonyms for carry out